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Caltex Havoline, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc., recently launched its newest range of Caltex Havoline synthetic and mineral motorcycle engine oils during the "Ride Strong" event held at Valkyrie at the Palace, together with Caltex Ambassador Solenn Heussaff.

According to Caltex Havoline, motorcycle riders can expect tougher urban riding with the influx of new riders. Caltex Havoline has developed its proprietary C.O.R.E. Technology to address their key concerns and deliver a more enjoyable riding experience with enhanced engine performance. Also, exclusively available in Super 4T Semi-Synthetic and Mineral is Havoline's very own ZOOMTECH additive technology.

C.O.R.E. Technology

Cleans and protects for a more efficient and clean engine to deliver superior performance

Oxidation stability provides heat protection against oil degradation

Reduces engine heat damage with superior oil stability for continuous protection

Enhances acceleration through improved clutch grip even under high loads


Oils formulated with ZOOMTECH improve clutch grip for better power transfer, to enhance acceleration at a twist of the throttle.

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