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Isuzu Blue Power Truck Line Up Preview

Isuzu Philippines Corporation recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Part of the celebration was the unveiling of their newest lineup. For this week's Special Feature, let's take a look at the exclusive preview of the latest models from Isuzu.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation or IPC recently held the exclusive two-day viewing and test drive for the newly introduced Isuzu Blue Power Truck Line-up. The event was participated in by fleet customers and IPC's media friends.

Available during the event were the Isuzu N-Series truck, cargo-hauling F-Series and the Isuzu C&E Truck Series. The N and F-Series trucks are now equipped with Euro-4 Compliant Engine while the C&E Heavy Duty Trucks come with more advanced Euro 5 engine. The new line-up of trucks also had a major makeover with the new and improved cab design.

See video below:

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