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Pilipinas Shell Launches the V Power with DYNAFLEX Technology

Pilipinas Shell recently unveiled the new formulations for its premium Shell V-Power fuels in an event held at the SMX Convention Center.

MARK MALABANAN - Brand Manager, Shell V-Power

"It's really our best getting better so we know Filipinos are changing, consumer needs are changing. Filipinos are more demanding there's more traffic, they expect more from their fuel. So with this, we developed 5 years worth of research and tested it about 3 million kilometers, 250 cars, over the past 5 years so that we can make our best fuel even better and give it our best ever performance and efficiency."

During the launching, Pilipinas Shell presented the new Shell V-Power with a DYNAFLEX Technology that helps restore the engine's performance by actively removing and preventing the build-up of fuel system deposits and reducing wasted energy. Pilipinas Shell added that the DYNAFLEX Technology contains friction-reducing molecules that help engine parts that are difficult for lubricating oils to reach.

MARK MALABANAN - Brand Manager, Shell V-Power

"DYNAFlex technology is out latest breakthrough technology developed for the over past 5 years. What it does is it gives you a better cleaning. It also has more friction reducing molecules that helps your engine perform better in terms of efficiency and performance as well. So it makes your engine cleaner and also gives you less friction that reduces wasted fuel as well."

Pilipinas Shell also highlighted that the new formulations of the Shell V-Power fuels are Shell's most effective fuels at helping improve engine cleanliness by removing deposits that have already formed.

MAE ASCAN - Shell Fuels Scientist

"So hi everyone. I'm Mae Ascan and I would like to invite everyone try out our latest and most advanced fuels Shell V Power gasoline, Shell V Power racing, and Shell V Power diesel. Now in reach with our DYNAFlex technology."

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