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Aston Martin Launches the New Vanquish S in Manila

Aston Martin unveiled the new Vanquish S for the first time in Manila by Chairman and President of Aston Martin, Mr Marc Tagle.

During the launch, Aston Martin's new flagship Super GT, Vanquish S, was presented as a vehicle designed to deliver more intense thrills and performance with significant enhancements to the engine, chassis and aerodynamics.


"We're here today to launch our all-new Super GT flagship model which is the Vanquish S. It will be replacing the Vanquish. This is an upgraded model that has a higher rated horsepower. It has 600 Hp, 0-100 km/h:3.5 seconds, top speed of 323 km/h."

The new Vanquish S has an exterior that is cloaked in a 2x2 carbon fibre and a twill front splitter and rear diffuser. Inside the cabin, the Vanquish S displays luxurious interior features such as Filograph quilt design options, Bang &Olufsen audio and the AMi III Infotainment system with all new satellite navigation.

The new vehicle also offers an 8-speed Touchtronic III Transmission, quad-exhaust tailpipes, and revised inlet manifolds for increased engine airflow.

After the launch of the new Vanquish S, Aston Martin's future plans include replacing old models with new one.


"We're really very excited about con-century plan of Aston Martin. It's called 777 - 7 models in 7 years and 700M pounds in funding. That's gonna fund all projects in the future. In fact, I'm sure in social media, you've already seen that we've invested in a new facility in London which will be producing our up and coming SUV. Obviously, Aston Martin has been around for a quite a long time now. Obviously, we have deep connections with people especially in the Philippines because of James Bond, right? We are a movie-watching nation. That alone, makes it easier for us to sell the cars aside from Aston Martin as a brand being cool and sleek. Over the top, I think our customers want understated, refined but yet luxurious, powerful and beautiful."

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