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Mahindra Scorpio 2017 Review

The Philippine automotive industry is booming, not just in terms of the sheer number of models available, but in terms of the number of countries from where they're coming from. Now, we have Mahindra from India. The largest utility vehicle manufacturer there, Mahindra has made a name for itself locally, supplying the Philippine National Police with its Enforcer and Xylo vehicles. On this episode of Auto Focus Review though, we're going to go higher than that. Today, we're setting our eyes on the Scorpio, Mahindra's flagship SUV.

From the outside, there's no mistaking the straightforwardness of the Scorpio's design. It's unabashed by its simple, utilitarian lines. The flat hood allows for greater visibility upfront while the 180-mm ground clearance and 1,975-mm overall height give it an imposing presence. The chrome waterfall grille and large headlamps provide some style at the front and at each corner, 16-inch alloy wheels fill in the arches.

Inside, the Scorpio is as straightforward as its exterior. The round theme gives it a softer, car-like feel while the standard 9-seater configuration allows the entire family to fit. With a tilt-adjustable steering wheel and all power features, the Scorpio easily fits the bill as a practical family car while powerful dual air conditioners blast away the scorching summer heat.

Powered by a 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine, the Scorpio generates 105 horsepower and 26.3 kilogram-meters of torque. The engine is relatively refined and perky even at low speeds. Mated to a 5-speed manual with long but precise throws, the Scorpio is capable of tackling the urban jungle.

At high speeds though, the Scorpio's off-road-centric suspension tuning show a bit of weakness with it feeling floaty at triple digit speeds. On the flipside, the passengers do experience a cruise liner-like ride.

The best part of the Scorpio is its ability to tackle some of the trickiest terrain. When the roads turn into trails, the generous ground clearance coupled with its rugged construction make you feel like you can conquer anything. Indeed, this is certainly the best part of the Scorpio ownership experience.

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