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Peugeot 5008 2016 Review

When it first arrived in the Philippines, the Peugeot 5008 shook up the market, bringing fluid and elegant style and dynamic driving qualities unique in the MPV segment. And now, as Eurobrands Distributor, Inc. lets us try the refreshed 5008, we find out how it goes beyond those expectations. We get up close and personal with this top-quality 7-seater.

Peugeot imbues the 5008 with the sporty genes of a hatchback giving it a unique identity. The front is completely new. Adopting Peugeot's new corporate design identity, it has complex-shaped headlamps that express strength and craftsmanship.

Between the two headlights is a thin "floating grille" with a chromed bead detailing across the width. This reinforces the 5008's generous width.

Combining these elements are balanced lines across the entire length of the body giving it the illusion of movement even when it's standing still.

The doors open to a comfortable passenger compartment with modern, almost futuristic elements. The spaciousness is highlighted further by the large glass area and extensive panoramic sunroof.

The high driving position and excellent visibility make the driver feel always in control. The ergonomics, inspired by Peugeot's sporty line of hatchbacks like the 208 GTi provide a comfortable and natural driving position.

Meanwhile, the passengers always travel in comfort thanks to uncompromising seats across three rows. The second row can be tilted and can be slid to alter the legroom.

The easy button movement allows easy access to the third row too and thanks to cinema-style seating, it's truly comfortable even for long-distance driving.

Thanks to Peugeot's dual expertise in design and engineering, the 5008 has a very un-MPV like driving dynamics.

Driving enjoyment and comfort come together with the 5008's 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine. With 163 horsepower mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, this MPV makes short work of any family challenge be it empty or fully-loaded.

With a manageable size and well-tuned suspension, it exhibits fun-to-drive characteristics even on twisty roads. The driver always feels safe and secure while the passengers are cuddled in the 5008's supple ride.

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